In diesem neuen TCoffee und Code Session, host Ian Barker was joined by his fellow Embarcadero MVPs Holger Flick, Wagner Landgraf, and Jim McKeeth to discuss a mouthful of topics from dealing with REST Servers to managing Multi-tiered applications and API designs. Joining Ian Barker in this virtual coffee meeting are his fellow Embarcadero MVPs Holger Flick, Gerhard Stoltz, and Wagner Landgraf to help us better understand everything about REST Servers, Multi-tiered Applications, Load Balancers, Reverse Proxies, and even Augmented Realities.

What do you need to know about REST servers?

The discussion will highlight a wide range of important topics and the panel will introduce us first to the things we need to know about REST Servers. Generally, REST or Representational State Transfer is a software architectural style that is created to provide guides or standards for web design and windows app development. Those web APIs that comply with REST constraints are informally known as RESTful systems. A RESTful web service is implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. The panel will also discuss the use of Delphi’s DataSnap Technology that provides the ability to create Client-Server applications that communicate through the Internet, the local network, or the localhost. Both Delphi and C++ offer all the basic and advanced capabilities to consume any published Rest services.

What is the difference between a load balancer and a reverse proxy?

In connection with the client-server computing architecture, the panel will also guide us through the differences between the use of Load balancers and Reverse Proxy. While both Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy act as intermediaries in the communication between the clients and servers they still differ in functions and deployments. The team will also guide us about the notable advantages of using the NGINX Reverse Proxy Manager.

The session will also highlight multi-tiered applications and API designs and will share with us a handful of tips and tricks of dealing with them. In addition to that, the panel will also briefly discuss the fascinating AR or Augmented Reality on Android phones. To learn more about these topics, feel free to watch the webinar below.

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