How to Create a Powerful Dynamic Web App Using RAD Studio and TMS Webcore

Desktop application development and web application development each have their own sets of advantages and challenges. Choosing between the two depends on various factors, such as the target audience, application requirements, performance needs, and development resources. Creating web applications is often ideal for several reasons, including accessibility, cross-platform compatibility, ease of maintenance, and scalability.

How to Create Web Applications Using TMS Webcore and RAD Studio

In this video from the Coding Bootcamp 2023, MVP and author Dr. Holger Flick will teach us the fastest, easiest way to create powerful, fully working web apps with little or no code. For this video, we will utilize the advantage that we can get by using the TMS Webcore. Interestingly, TMS Web Core is a web development tool that allows you to create web client applications from Delphi using RAD development methodology and a component-based framework.

Creating dynamic web apps using TMS Web Core and RAD Studio involves several steps, including setting up the environment, designing the user interface, writing code, and deploying the application. In this video, Holger Flick will demonstrate the process of creating a dynamic VCL application and how to effectively migrate the existing VCL code and user interfaces and bring them to the web in just mere minutes using the TMS Webcore software.

The session also concludes with a Question and Answer portion with Dr. Holger Flick and Embarcadero Developer advocate Ian Barker. To learn more about TMS Webcore, feel free to watch the video below. 

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