Whether you are working on a small or large development project that requires you to deal with an overwhelming amount of code, you surely want everything to be as responsive as possible, especially if you’re developing cross platform apps where every single byte of code counts and memory is often tight.

Everyone desires to achieve and experience high performance; in fact, this is often one of the reasons people choose Delphi due to its ability to produce truly native apps which operate without any intervening compatibility layer to slow things down. Interestingly, in this video, Primož Gabrijelčič will share some useful tips and tricks on how to achieve high performance in Delphi.

What are some great tips and tricks for improving performance in our apps?

Performance to people has different meanings. For some, it may mean programs are running just fast enough. For instance, if you are typing your codes in RAD Studio, you want the development environment to be responsive enough for every action you make. In other cases, some people simply aim for the raw speed of the program while others expect servers to respond to queries in a reasonable amount of time. In this video, Primoz will list down all the possible ways you can do to improve performance in Delphi.

The first step is to always confirm the problem and measure the code. Once you have figured out where the problem is, the best way you can approach is to fix the algorithm to get the best performance enhancement. Another equally useful option is to fine-tune the code or add the so-called parallelism to your code. You can also take advantage of the external libraries which might solve your problem faster or you can also rewrite your code in assembler as your last resort.

The video will also provide actual demonstrations of how these techniques are being applied to Delphi. Primoz will also show how running less code can impact the performance and some important things to consider when executing the program. To learn more about how you can effectively improve your performance in Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.  

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