Android 11以上に最適なアプリビルダーソフトウェアとは

最低でも毎四半期ごとに、より説得力のある一連の機能を提供する新しいスマートフォンモデルが市場にリリースされています。増大する需要に対応し、全体的なユーザーエクスペリエンスを向上させ、セキュリティを強化するため、スマートフォンOSも定期的にアップデートされています。適切なアプリビルダーソフトウェアを使用すれば、その追跡ははるかに簡単になります。ほぼ毎年、Androidの新しいバージョンを入手しており、現在、最新のAndroid13はベータ段階にあります。更新があるたびに、開発者も何らかのアクションを実行する必要があります。これには、IDEソフトウェアを使用したり、ワイヤレスデバッグを行ったり、アクセス許可を更新したりする必要がある場合があります。このビデオでは、Jim McKeethが、Delphi 11での最新のAndroidの変更と、将来予想される更新について説明します。

What are the Android 11 and 12 Changes in Delphi 11?

The video will first introduce us to the current status of the operating system market share and how Android OS managed to surpass Windows over the past years. It also shows the popular Android-powered smartphones that are leading the market today.  Any changes or updates made to the Android operating system will not just affect the end-users but is also a “Call to Action” for Android app developers. They need to take necessary actions to catch up with the latest version and also to make their app compatible.

How does the right app builder software help?

Each year the targetSdkVersion requirement will advance. Within one year following each Android release, new apps and app updates will need to target the updated API or higher. This webinar allows us to see what has changed in these latest versions of Android and look at some best practices for Android development with tips for targeting the latest versions of the most popular operating system.

Now that Android 11 is shipping in almost all new phones today, Android 12 is starting to roll out and Android 13 is now in its beta phase. It also means that there will be some changes in IDE, especially in Delphi 11. Jim Mckeeth will break down all the Android changes in Delphi 11 and the possible updates in the future in support of the newer Android versions. We will also learn how to upgrade existing Android projects in Delphi and how to successfully update your Android tools. He will also demonstrate Wireless debugging, the new Runtime Permission Model, and other best practices you should know.

To learn more, feel free to watch the webinar below.


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