Delphi Communities

Delphi Praxis

One of the most popular online communities for software developers who work with the Delphi programming language. Notable Features:

  • Delphi Questions and Answers
  • C++Builder Questions and Answers
  • Embarcadero Lounge
  • Job Opportunities / Coder for Hire
  • I made this (Share and discuss your projects)

Delphi Facebook Group

Delphi Facebook

The original Delphi Developer group on Facebook. A group for active Delphi Developers!

Delphi Twitter

Embarcadero® Technologies – Reduce software development cycles with smarter cross-platform development tools for C++ and Delphi developers.
Official page.

Delphi GitHub

Applications built with Delphi, present in the form of GitHub Repositories


Extensive help, discussions and question/answers on one of the most popular community of developers


Community aimed at Portuguese-speaking Delphi developers that aims to address topics related to Delphi such as development of desktop, web, mobile applications, job opportunities, architecture, best practices, interesting articles, etc.

FireMonkey Russian

A Russian forum about FireMonkey Help and Question/Answers.

Rendering in FireMonkey, using TCanvas. … Working with styles, aspects of styling in FireMonkey … Working with databases and REST from FireMonkey.


A friendly developer community around Embarcadero’s developer tool “Delphi”. Our goal is to create a discussion platform for the exchange of ideas between people who deal with Delphi professionally or privately. Our archive with more than 1,490,000 articles contains solutions for a wide range of problems.


A forum for Turkish Delphi Developers Community helping each other. Be sure to visit out if you are stuck somewhere in development of beautiful Delphi applications.


A forum for Spanish Delphi Developers Community assisting with the development of various kind of applications.

Australian Delphi User Group (ADUP)

ADUG members come from a variety of backgrounds (hobbyist, professional and retired) and environments offering a wide range of Delphi and other software and hardware skills.

By becoming an ADUG member, you not only enhance your Delphi knowledge, but join a professional network offering information resources, knowledge exchange and the opportunity to make valuable contacts. You also get the opportunity to contribute to your programming community.