Delphi は、さまざまな種類のデータベース アクセス テクノロジーの選択肢を実際に提供しています。これらには、dbGo、エンバカデロ独自の Interbase、ADO、その他の多くのオプションが含まれます。これに対し、このビデオでは、Jim Mckeeth が FireDAC にフォーカス。FireDACは、 Windowsプログラム開発だけでなく、RAD Studio の完全なクロスプラットフォーム サポートを提供し、Linux、macOS、iOS、Android などのさまざまなプラットフォームでシームレスに作業できるようにします。ここでは、FireDAC を使用してデータベースに接続する方法を学習します。


Generally, FireDAC is described as a powerful multi-device data access library with a unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing multi-device database applications for Delphi and C++Builder. The framework is the new, high-performance, cross-platform, multi-database component framework that is available for RAD Studio that allows developers to create applications fast that connects to any type of database.

このビデオでは、 Jim Mckeeth will discuss all the basics of FireDAC and how to connect to a database using this framework. He will walk us through every basic step of accessing FireDAC in Delphi. One of the notable advantages of using FireDAC is that you are using the same set of components no matter what database you are connected to.

FireDAC’s power and practicality, its complete cross-platform support, and its exceptional support for databases are some of the factors why FireDAC has become a top choice among other database access technologies. The video will also provide us with samples and demonstrations using FireDAC. To know more about this framework, feel free to watch the video below which is taken from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022.

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