What You Need to Know About Functional Programming and Anonymous Methods in Delphi

In one of the final sessions from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, Kevin R. Bond will introduce us to Functional programming and the use of Anonymous methods in Delphi. If you have been following the replays of the Coding Boot Camp, you should know that Kevin Bond’s book, “How to Program Effectively in Delphi for AS/A Level Computer Science” has been the main source of all the previous sessions. In this video, Bond himself will introduce us to functional programming, an approach to Windows program development that uses pure functions to create maintainable software.

Discover Functional Programming in Delphi using Anonymous Functions

In this video, Kevin Bond will walk us through the process of how functional programming works in Delphi using the so-called anonymous functions. The talk will highlight the background of functional programming using a set of anonymous methods with Haskell and Delphi. Kevin Bond will briefly tackle the programming paradigms and the two main models namely (Imperative and Declarative paradigms respectively).

Anonymous Methods, as the term clearly suggests, is a procedure or function that does not have a name associated with it. This particular method treats a block of code as an entity that can be assigned to a variable or used as a parameter to a method. Generally, this particular method is defined similarly to a regular method or function, but with no name. The video will provide us with a great number of samples and demonstrations to showcase how these methods work in Delphi (and also in Haskell Language). The session will also demonstrate partial functions and reduce functions and operations in Delphi.

To learn more about Functional Programming and Anonymous methods in Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.  

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