Learn How this Team Managed to Build a Delphi Web App in Less Than 5 Days

Building a fully functional app is not an easy task. The process is a bit tedious and there are many factors to consider making the project work. Interestingly, in this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon, we will learn how this team of developers managed to build a fully working Delphi app in less than five days! Here, Bruno Fierens will share his success story of how his team managed to create a TMS Web core Progressive Web Application (PWA) Client from the Delphi ide software that is backed by TMS XData REST API backends. Everyone knows Delphi is the most productive development solution for desktop and mobile applications, but what about the web? In this session, you will see how extremely productive and efficient Delphi is for creating full-stack, rich web applications.

Building a Working Halloween Web App from Scratch

This another successful Delphi story started when Bruno Fierens of TMS Software received an email from Atanas Popov who is the General Manager of Embarcadero. In this email, Atanas asked Bruno and his team if they could build a TMS Web core-powered web app that could be used for the company’s upcoming Halloween Costume contest. The concept is to build a web app where participants can submit their own photos online and be able to share them and collect votes from other members. The challenge, however, is that the app should be up and running within the week and they had to start from scratch.

Good thing that there is already a concept and all the requirements have been laid out. From here, they ended up with a web app composed of five pages that users can navigate and explore. This is where the RADoween app came into life. The app is composed of the Main Screen where users can submit their entries (along with the drag and drop function), a Share Page, a Submission List Page, and an Admin Page.

Bruno will also demonstrate the architecture behind the application on both the Server and Client sides. One of the things that you will quickly notice is the Form. Interestingly, the structure of the Form designer is totally different from what it looks like when you run the app on the browser. Generally, this is because they used an HTML Template for the form and all the design layout is done via HTML.

To learn more about this so-called Thriller project by TMS Software and how they managed to build the RADoween app from scratch within a very short span of time, feel free to watch the video below.

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