FireDAC is a powerful multi-device data access library with a unique set of Universal Data Access Components for developing multi-device database applications for Delphi and C++Builder. It is interesting to note that FireDAC is not just limited to windows application development as it offers complete cross-platform support for RAD Studio. This means that FireDAC can be used on all different platforms including 32 and 64bit Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. In this video, Cary Jensen of Jensen Data Systems will walk us through the FireDAC library and why it quickly became the preferred data access mechanism in RAD Studio.

What are the Benefits of Using FireDAC?

The webinar will provide us with an overview of FireDAC and how it relates to other RAD Studio data access mechanisms. Cary will discuss all the notable basic and advanced features of FireDAC and will guide us through the process of migrating applications to FireDAC from an existing data access mechanism. RAD Studio includes a number of Data Access Mechanisms including dbGo which is used for ActiveX data components, IBExpress for Interbase, the Borland database engine or BDE, dbExpress, and even the myDB which is based on the client data set.

Like all the aforementioned frameworks, FireDAC represents the TDataSet interface. Specifically, there is a large number of capabilities introduced into the Tdataset class and those capabilities are found in every one of the data access mechanisms in RAD studio. Interestingly, everything you can do with the BDE is supported by FireDAC. So if you are familiar with using both the BDE and the TdataSet, then you already know how to use this framework.

What makes FireDAC so powerful?

FireDAC, however, is not just simply similar to BDE. For instance, FireDAC is notably SQL-friendly. It is internally structured a lot like those you find in frameworks like the .NET data set. FireDAC goes beyond the dataset because it implements many other advanced features. It implements aggregates, group states, filtered navigation, and more. To top it all off, FireDAC has client-side indexes.

The webinar will also discuss FireDAC’s power and practicality and why it became a top choice among other data access mechanisms. Aside from its complete cross-platform support, FireDAC also has exceptional support for databases. It supports most of the major commercial and open-source databases. Cary will also show a number of demonstrations including the process of migrating applications using ODBC and Side-by-Side Deployment.

To learn more about this powerful data access mechanism, feel free to watch the webinar below.

You can download a free trial of RAD Studio Delphi today and try the power of FireDAC for yourself.

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