Procedures and functions are both integral to any Windows application development. A function, for instance, refers to a set of various instructions that receive input from users for performing certain tasks. Generally, functions are used to calculate anything out of the given output. The Procedure, on the hand, is the set of instructions used in programming languages like Delphi. These procedures and functions are technically known as the subroutines. In this video, Johan Heystek will introduce us to Subroutines and the notable advantages of using them. This session from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022 will introduce us to Subroutines and their important role in programming.

Why use subroutines in programming?

The subroutine is generally described as a sequence of program instructions that performs a specific task, packaged as a unit. A Subroutine in programming may also refer to as a function, procedure, method, or subprogram. These are generally the codes that are called and executed anywhere in the program. It is also interesting to note that subroutine is mainly used in programming to help programmers to code relatively faster as they break program codes into smaller sections. It generally makes the programs shorter and easier to read and understand, thus making you more productive in coding at the same time.

Without subroutines, all programming code would consist of inline blocks of programming instructions that make them difficult to program and understand. It is also interesting to note that Delphi includes libraries of pre-written functions and procedures that we actually use every day. These include common functions like IntToStr, Copy, Pos, Length, and Randombetween to name a few. Procedures like ShowMessage, Delete, Insert, and Randomize are also good examples of a Subroutine.

Johan will also provide samples and demos to show how subroutine works in Delphi. To know more about Subroutine, feel free to watch this video below.  

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