The Secrets of Visual Design on Windows 11 That You Should Not Miss

Embarcadero MVPのIan Barkerは、「 How to add a WOW factor to your Apps」ウェビナーに続き、再び役立つウェビナーを開催しています。 Windowsアプリケーション開発 に従事している方も、モバイルアプリを開発している方のいずれも、ターゲットマーケットに効果的にリーチするには、優れた印象を与えることが重要です。そのためには、アプリを視覚的に魅力的なものにすることが求められます。非常に多くのプラットフォームとフレームワークが利用可能であるため、アプリを視覚的に魅力的で満足のいくものにすることは可能でしょう。

このビデオでは、 Ian Barker が、特に Windows 11 でのビジュアル デザインの秘密をいくつか明らかにします。これらのトリックは、アプリのユーザー インターフェイスとユーザー エクスペリエンスの両方を確実に向上させます。Barker 氏は、Windows 11 を進化するプラットフォームと表現しました。以前のWindowsバージョンと比較すると、劇的な数の変更を提供し、予想をはるかに超える機能をシステムに継続的に追加しています。


Developers, especially those who are working with desktop applications in Windows, must learn how to embrace and adapt to Windows 11 to improve the quality of their apps by taking advantage of some of its advanced features. If you are a Delphi developer, it is very interesting to note that along with the evolution of the Windows operating system, RAD Studio is also keeping up with the changes, providing users with all the advanced features and modernization they need for the applications or programs.

In his previous webinar, Barker gave emphasis on two common apps that are found in almost every platform like Microsoft and Apple. These are the calculators and weather applications that both became effective tools to showcase the new designs, controls, and more offered by the aforementioned companies.

The webinar highlights the impressive visual designs offered by Windows 11 and how you can effectively embrace the same set of features using either the FireMonkey or the VCL of Delphi. Developers can also take advantage of the built-in RAD Studio features, the premium VCL Styles, Controls, and many more.

Aside from utilizing Delphi’s premium styles, Barker also highlights various third-party yet Delphi-friendly tools like Almediadev that provide full support of fluent UI themes, styles, and features such as acrylic and background. In addition to that, the video will also mention the Skia4Delphi framework, a cross-platform 2D graphics API for Delphi based on the Skia Graphics Library which is sponsored and managed by Google. We have seen how Barker managed to build a StarTrek-like Dashboard using Skia4Delphi. The video also mentioned various resources of free yet high-quality graphics and animations like SVGrepo,, and lottiefiles to name a few.

The webinar also features a large set of demo videos that will showcase the features and tools mentioned above. To learn more, feel free to watch the webinar session below.

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