How to Build An Interactive GUI Application Using DelphFMX and NASA API

In this video from the recent PyGAC 2023, Muminjon Abduraimov walks us through the process of building an interactive graphical user interface with Delphi Firemonkey by utilizing Python’s power to visualize and analyze NASA API data. Just like most of the videos from this event, we will learn how powerful an application can be once you integrate the strengths of Python and Delphi programming languages. In this video, Muminjon will build a Firemonkey application by integrating NASA API using Python.

When it comes to Windows application development, Delphi has always been a top choice for many developers. It comes with a visual designer, debugger, and hundreds of built-in visual and non-visual components where you can design any kind of application. However, we also cannot disregard the strengths of Python, especially when working with cross-platform applications. Luckily, there’s the third-party library, Python4Delphi that allows us to experience the best of both languages.

DelphiFMX is a natively compiled Python module by the Python4Delphi library. It gives Python developers access to the Firemonkey GUI framework and is freely redistributable. With this module, we will be able to create firemonkey applications using your python code base. In this video, Muminjon will create an application that fetches data from NASA website by integrating NASA API. The objective of this API is to make NASA data, including imagery, eminently accessible to application developers. Muminjon will utilize APOD or Astronomy Picture of the Day for his application.

In this video, he will demonstrate the process of building the application from scratch, how to design the GUI with Delphi IDE, and how to successfully integrate the NASA API using Python. He will also demonstrate how to add styles to Firemonkey app to make it more visually appealing.


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