Everything You Need to Know about InterBase

Databases play a crucial role in application development for several reasons. For instance, it provides a reliable way to store data persistently, ensuring that data remains intact even after the application is closed. Databases are indeed fundamental to application development because they provide a reliable, efficient, and secure way to manage and utilize data, which is often a critical asset for any application.

Luckily for Delphi users, it provides us with choices of many different types of database access technologies and that includes Embarcadero’s very own InterBase. InterBase is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Embarcadero Technologies. It’s known for being lightweight, scalable, and having low administrative overhead, making it suitable for embedded systems and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Getting Started with InterBase

In this video from the Coding Bootcamp 2023, Stephen Ball will not just introduce but will give us a comprehensive guide about Interbase, how it works, and everything we should know about this database management system.  Take note that a database is usually controlled by a database management system or DBMS. It generally provides the ability to control communication to and from the database itself, and this is what exactly InterBase has to offer, but there is certainly more to it.

It enables users to be controlled and managed in terms of their access to the data and it enables you to start using things like encryption and more. Stephen Ball will share with us everything we need to know about Interbase from proper installation to storage procedures, database setup, deployment process, and many more. The webinar also concludes with a Q&A with Stephen Ball and Ian Barker answering Interbase-related queries.

To learn more about Interbase, feel free to watch the video below.  

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