Cross platform popup menu demo

The Popup Menu Button is a cross-platform application that allows you to define a hamburger menu button in a toolbar and have a scrollable menu pop up over the rest of the app interface. This is a great way to keep your app organized and simplify navigation for your users. The Popup Menu Button is built in Delphi using a single code base and single UI, so it works seamlessly on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, the Popup Menu Button can be the perfect solution for your menu needs.

Download the full cross-platform Popup Menu Button Demo source code on Github.


What is a popup menu in software development?

A popup menu is a type of menu that is triggered by an event such as a button press or a mouse click. Popup menus are often used in GUI applications to provide context-sensitive options to the user. For example, a popup menu might be used to display a list of options when the user right-clicks on an object. Popup menus can also be used in command-line applications, though they are less common in this type of application. In general, popup menus provide a convenient way for users to access frequently used options without having to navigate through a menu hierarchy.


What does the popup menu demo source code look like?

What do the Form element objects look like?


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