From the previous session, we learned everything about web services and how to work with REST APIs and their role in Windows app development. In this video from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, presenter and RAD Studio Product Manager Marco Cantu will introduce us to RAD Server and will walk us through the processes of creating REST Client applications in Delphi. This session is not an introduction to cover all of the features that RAD Server has had over time, but mostly what RAD Studio has done throughout the 10.2 releases and updates.

What is RAD Server and why are we investing in such technology? The idea is that that’s the way you build a service-based architecture. In this video, Marco Cantu will explain how exactly service-based apps work. The concept is pretty much straightforward, rather than having a monolithic large application, you end up with applications that provide the user interface, local storage, and local business logic, and mostly rely on services that are available in the backend and are accessible through HTTP Request.

How to Create REST Client Applications in Delphi

RAD Server is a REST API hosting engine. It provides the engine, and you will write the code for the APIs. Interestingly, the engine comes with a great number of features. What do you do when you want to create an API? In RAD Engine, you create packages in Delphi. In the packages, you implement some APIs and then you can call these APIs from a browser or from a client application. Marco Cantu will also walk us through the process of generating JSON data and some notable features of the RAD Server.

We will also get some demos showcasing RAD Server as a Web App Engine, as well as some comparisons between the performance and scalability of RAD Server in the past and recent updates. To know more about RAD Server and how to create REST Client applications in Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.

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