After learning all the foundations and fundamentals of Delphi from the previous sessions of the recently conclude Coding Boot Camp 2022, we get to see some actual demos from different speakers showcasing various methods and techniques and their respective roles in Windows application development. In this video, Wouter Theron will introduce us to Encryption as well as the so-called Caesar Cipher technique. Encryption is a critical component in programming that helps protect private information and sensitive data. It also enhances the security of communication between client apps and servers and prevents hackers from compromising your data.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Caesar Cipher

The process of encrypting data is pretty much straightforward. To encrypt data, a secret method of interpretation or the so-called “encryption key” uses an encryption algorithm to convert information (plaintext) or readable data into unreadable data or ciphertext. To demonstrate encryption, Wouter will introduce us to a technique called “Caesar Cipher”. This technique is described as one of the earliest and simplest methods of encryption. It’s simply a type of substitution cipher where each letter of a given text is replaced by a letter with a fixed number of positions down the alphabet.

The video will provide a series of coding demos showcasing the process of encrypting data using the Caesar Cipher technique and as well as a demo showing how to decrypt it. The video will also introduce us to some alternative approaches to solve some encrypting problems. To know more about encryption and the use of the Caesar Cipher technique, feel free to watch the video below.  

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