Whether you are working on a small software or a huge windows app development project, the process can be tedious, and it will surely consume lots of your time. Interestingly, there are many possible ways developers can do to boost their productivity. In this video, Jim McKeeth will share every possible tip and trick to supercharge your development productivity. With the help of some Embarcadero MVPs, Jim managed to compile the ultimate guide to effectively boost your productivity in developing software.

The tips and tricks to supercharge your productivity

One of the core tips shared by McKeeth in this webinar is to use Delphi above any other programming languages. Delphi is designed to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn development environment allowing you to get things done quicker. He also encouraged developers to practice those simple yet often overlooked coding techniques to complete their work relatively faster. These include those keyboard shortcuts and other surprisingly effective tips from Alister Christie (Code Faster in Delphi). He also encouraged developers to utilize the use of component libraries because it is far more productive, safer, and faster to use those thoroughly rested libraries than using their own code.

David Cornelius also suggested establishing an Environment consistency when coding while Bruce McGee encouraged automating builds using MSBuild. Embarcadero MVPs like Ian Barker encouraged the use of the so-called Pomodoro Technique to help you focus your efforts on timed chunks of work. Dalija Prasnikar, on the other hand, came up with her own list suggesting that a developer should learn how to reduce distractions and focus on work they know they can do at a given moment.

Aside from the aforementioned techniques, the webinar will also share notable software and frameworks that you can use to supercharge your development productivity. These include the use of PyScripter, UltraEdit, and frameworks like Router4D, Safety4D, Bind4D, Simple ORM, Typora, IDE Visualizers, and Delphi Parser, Invoke, Everything (fast engine to search over your drives), HTTPie, and more.

Feel free to watch the webinar below to learn more.   

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