Delphi is demonstrably one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Despite the apparent simplicity of the program source code, Delphi is a modern, extremely capable, high-level programming language that works well for both beginners and professional developers. In this video from DelphiCon 2021, we learn how to use Delphi as a No-Code Development IDE software. Patrick Prémartin demonstrates how you can create a simple database app with Delphi using its drag and drop features without any coding involved.

How can we use use RAD Studion Delphi as a No Code Development IDE?

This one-hour-long webinar introduces us to Delphi and all the fundamentals that we should know about the programming language. The session highlights some of Delphi’s libraries as well as the visual and non-visual components for designing user interfaces. Prémartin showcases a series of step-by-step demonstrations on how to draw user interfaces using various components that work even without writing any code.

Is it possible to create a database app without writing any code?

The webinar also demonstrates how to use Databases with FireDAC and how to link them to visual components for displaying or editing your data. We will also learn how to add screens in a program via a “no code mode”. In a no-code mode, you can use tab controls to enable screens and standard actions from the action lists to go from one screen to another. We also learn how to access APIs and display HTML pages using Delphi’s TWebBrowser as well as the use of other non-visual components like TRESTClient, TRESTRequest, and more.

To learn more on how to use RAD Studio Delphi as a No-Code Development IDE, feel free to watch the video below.  

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