Getting Started with the Appercept Amazon AWS SDK for Delphi

Using cloud computing services offers numerous benefits to individuals and organizations, ranging from cost savings and scalability to enhanced security and agility. Many companies are now embracing this innovation as part of their Windows application development. Interestingly, among all the cloud computing services in the market today, Amazon Web Services, or AWS is currently the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. 

In this video from the Coding Bootcamp 2023, Richard Hatherall will introduce us to the Appercept Amazon AWS SDK for Delphi. He will walk us through some basic samples and demos of how this service works with Delphi. 

What is Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi?

Appercept’s Amazon AWS SDK for Delphi is a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that allows Delphi developers to integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) into their Delphi applications. This SDK provides a set of tools, libraries, and APIs designed to facilitate the use of various AWS services directly from Delphi. 

Generally, it is a powerful tool that enables Delphi developers to harness the full potential of AWS services in their applications, providing a robust, scalable, and efficient way to leverage cloud computing resources. 

Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi is designed to work with various Delphi platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, enabling cross-platform development. The SDK also includes support for a wide range of AWS services including the popular Simple Storage Service better known as S3, Simple notification service or SNS, Simple Queue Service (SQS), Simple Email Service (SES), Key Management Service (KMS), and more. 

In this video, Hatherall will highlight some of Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi’s key features and supported services, from application integration to machine learning, business application, and storage (the most well-known and most used services of AWS).  

The session concludes with a Q & A portion with Richard Hatherall and Ian Barker. To learn more about Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi, feel free to watch the video below. 

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