You have probably come across an application that allows you to generate a random password or some other program that allows you to draw random results. How about those apps that allow you to roll dice? Interestingly, this particular feature will be highlighted in this talk from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022. While the first day of the boot camp provided enough focus on the foundation and fundamentals of Delphi, the second day provided us with deeper knowledge about Windows program development. After learning how to properly declare variables, as well as, the use of For-Loops et What If Statements, we are taking a deeper look at the Random Function in Delphi.

What are the uses of the Random function in Delphi?

In this session, Lilane le Grange will discuss everything that we should know about the Random Function in Delphi and will also demonstrate a series of samples to see how exactly it works. Randomness is generally described as a lack of pattern or predictability of events. This particular function works well with an application that allows you to generate random results. These apps could display random integers, random real numbers, random colors, or even random characters.

Some of the demos will showcase apps that simulate dice rolls, a random password generator, a random prize selector, a color randomizer, and more. Lilane will not just show various examples but will demonstrate how they are done in Delphi. She will walk us through the process of coding, the methods and functions needed, and some tips and tricks on how to make these applications run smoothly. If you want to know more about the random function in Delphi and the apps that allow you to use them effectively, feel free to watch the video below.

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