Everything You Should Know about Powerful Python GUI Frameworks

Graphical User Interfaces or simply GUIs have become an integral part of modern software applications. They generally offer users an intuitive way to interact with complex functionalities. Over the years, various frameworks have emerged to facilitate GUI development. In this video from the recently concluded Python GUI Apps Con 2023 (simply PyGAC 2023), Eli M will give us an insightful overview of some of the popular Python GUI frameworks, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Exploring Different Python GUI Frameworks

A GUI Framework plays an important role in Windows application development. Generally, this framework is a set of tools that allow developers to create graphical user interfaces for their applications. Python, a high-level programming language renowned for its readability and versatility, offers several GUI development frameworks that empower developers to create sophisticated interfaces. Some of the most notable ones include Tkinter, PyQt, PySide, DelphiFMX, Kivy, and more.

Delphi, on the other hand, is another high-level programming language and integrated development environment. It is known for its rapid application development capabilities and visual design features. Both Delphi and Python are powerful programming languages and it makes perfect sense to combine the two languages and embrace both of their powerful features. This synergy between the two languages allows Delphi developers and Pythonistas to take advantage of the libraries and components that both languages have to offer.

In this video, Eli will walk us through some powerful Python GUI frameworks including Tkinter (Python’s de-facto standard GUI package), DelphiFMX, DelphiVCL, and PyQT to name a few. We will also get an overview of some Python GUI framework apps written in OpenAI via ChatGPT. To learn more, feel free to watch the video below.  

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