Today, developing an app for a single platform is no longer sufficient. With the rapidly evolving technology, most users are looking for an application that they can conveniently access across multiple devices using different platforms. Aside from Windows app development, developers should step up their game by building an application that is compatible with other operating systems like Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. In this video from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, Ian Barker and Serge Pilko will walk us through the process of developing native cross-platform apps for iOS.

How to Create an iOS App with Delphi

The discussion will highlight all the basic and important information on how to successfully build a native iOS app using Delphi. It is interesting to note that RAD Studio provides the tools that you need to develop applications that target the iOS platform. Of course, to make this work, you should meet all the requirements and prerequisites. Most importantly, you need an Apple Developer account, a mac computer with installed Xcode, and a Delphi IDE with the iOS platform.

Creating an iOS app with Delphi is surprisingly easy but developing a native iOS app comes with an extra layer of complexity. In this video, Ian Barker and Serge Pilko will not just explain the details but will also show us demos of how to build a working iOS app in Delphi. The discussion also concludes with a 2-hour long panel discussion along with Holger Flick of TMS Software. To learn how to create a native iOS app in Delphi, feel free to watch this video below.   

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