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The much-awaited Coding Bootcamp is finally back! Whether you are an aspiring and amateur coder or a long-time developer, Coding Bootcamp 2023 laid out a series of well-crafted topics and curriculums brought by a pool of educators and tech masters to help you unleash your full potential as a programmer. From topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence, UI design, mobile and Windows application development to cloud technologies, and a whole lot more.

Kickstarting the event, Embarcadero Developer Advocate and seasoned coder Ian Barker shared his knowledge and experience on how to become an effective software developer. Contrary to what most people think when it comes to becoming a software developer, these people do not solely work on Linux as their operating system nor deal with the command line all the time in order to produce a perfect application. Interestingly, as Ian says, you can be one lazy coder and still create beautiful apps while earning big from them at the same time!

How to Become a Smart, Wise, and Effective Developer?

In this video, aimed at new or fledgling developers, Ian Barker walks us through the process of how to become an efficient and effective programmer by following certain guidelines that might actually surprise you. Barker will initially tackle the estimated revenue that a program or app developer can earn. Ideally, you must become a versatile developer, one that can create multiple apps or is wise enough to incorporate a subscription model to keep the money coming.

To do so, you have to work smart as a developer. It means that you have to utilize the right tools and choose a coding environment like RAD Studio with Delphi that enables you to build apps using just a few lines of code. Don’t use a tool that locks you into a single device ecosystem – use something like RAD Studio that allows you to design and visualize the user interface at the same time which, in return, will save a huge amount of time and effort on your end.

If legally available (like those for open source, depending on the license), you can reuse existing or ready-made code and develop something more engaging from it. At the end of the day, working smart means working in the most efficient way possible. Ian Barker will also provides a demonstration showcasing and highlighting RAD Studio’s low-code and versatile coding environment, enabling him to easily create apps on multiple platforms.

To learn more, feel free to watch the video below.

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