This video is a continuation of the development of applications in Python using the Delphi GUI frameworks. Delphi and Python are two powerful programming languages that are not just ideal for windows application development but also for other platforms. Previously, Jim McKeeth introduced us to Delphi VCL for Python Module which gives developers the ability to take the powerful and mature GUI frameworks of Delphi’s VCL and use them in a Python coding environment. This time, the webinar will focus on another module, the DelphiFMX4Python which supports building Python applications for Android using the FireMonkey GUI library.

How to build an Android App in Python using the Delphi FMX library module

This webinar almost shares the same agenda as the first video where we build a functioning application in Python using Delphi’s powerful GUI library. However, instead of Windows-native VCL, this session will focus on Delphi’s cross-platform Firemonkey framework using the Delphi FMX module. Firemonkey takes advantage of GPU libraries to provide a hardware-accelerated, rich, user interface that is fast and looks great across multiple platforms. This library is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. The main course of this webinar will focus primarily on Android where Jim Mckeeth will demonstrate the process from installation to Android deployment.

Aside from basic samples, the video will also show how you can take your Android app further by combining the strengths of Delphi and Python. The webinar will demonstrate how surprisingly easy to customize the Android app using the pre-built android application where all the source code is already available. It will also tackle how the Python4Delphi library can serve as a bidirectional bridge that allows you to develop parts of your app in Delphi and other parts in Python, merging both languages into a single cohesive solution.

To learn more about DelphiFMX for Python, feel free to watch the video below. 

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