In this webinar from DelphiCon, Stefan Glienke introduces us to the Spring4D framework and how it can take your Delphi and Windows application development to the next level. This Delphi-based framework is packed with a number of useful modules which will be explained in this video along with their actual implementations in Delphi. Spring4D is described as a great open-source library for Delphi XE and higher. This library is freely accessible and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects.

How can Spring4D leverage and enhance the power of Delphi?

The Spring 4D framework extends the Delphi RTL and is known for its advanced use of Generics and enhanced RTTI. The framework is also under active development and is practicing the so-called “Dogfooding” which means the author of the software and the team behind it is actively using the framework for their own commercial software. Spring4D also follows the principle of “Pick and Choose” so it doesn’t dictate how you have to write your own application. You simply take the useful things for your code without being forced to do things in a certain way.

Spring4D contains a number of different modules including the common types like Nullable<T> and Event<T>, Smart Pointers like Shared<T> and Weak<T>, Interface-base collection types, and reflection extensions. Aside from explaining the purpose of each module, Stefan will also demonstrate how each of these can be implemented in Delphi.

To know more about Spring4D and how this framework can possibly take your Delphi development to the next level, feel free to watch the video below.

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