After learning everything about looping and its core function in Delphi from the last session from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, we will advance to another equally important topic about coding in Delphi. The first day of the boot camp focused on the foundation and fundamentals of Delphi and how they became an integral part of Windows application development. In this video, Hannie Van der Merwe will help us better understand “characters”, the smallest component of any written language and how they form strings, and how to use string operations to manipulate your code in Delphi

What are the Roles of Characters and Strings in Delphi

Both characters and strings are not just terms you use in Delphi but for every programming language like Python and C++ to name a few. Generally, Characters are defined as the smallest component in any written language that has semantic value. Basically, these are the letters, integers, punctuations, and special symbols that you use in your code. Combining these characters in sequence will form the so-called “Strings”. Strings, in programming, are generally like sentences. They are very useful when communicating information from the program to the end-users. 

In this video, we will learn how to reference each character in a string by using indices, square brackets, and numerical value that is used to specifically indicate a character’s position. In addition to that, Hannie will walk us through different string operations and functions that you can apply to manipulate the characters in a string. The video will demonstrate the use of copy, delete, insert, trim, uppercase, lowercase, and upcase operators to name a few.

We will also be introduced to the process of merging strings or better known as concatenation. This process is perfectly demonstrated in a sample application in Delphi which also utilizes the process of using For-loops that we learned from the previous Boot Camp session. To learn more about characters, strings, string operation, and concatenation, feel free to explore this video below.

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