In this video which is part of the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022, Delphi developer Lucas Belo and Python developer Priyatham Kunarapu will discuss the strengths of Delphi and Python and why the two programming languages have become a top choice for any Windows application development. Python is a powerful programming language. This 2-decade old language has been dubbed as a Swiss Army in programming as you can achieve almost any software implementation using any third-party packages or libraries that Python has. Python, however, is not originally designed to be suitable for Android development while Delphi has built-in support for cross-platform including Android via FireMonkey.

Why Python on Android?

Delphi developers who want to embrace the components and libraries offered by Python can take advantage of the Python4Delphi library which serves as a bi-directional bridge between the two languages. Pythonista, on the other hand, can use the DelphiFMX4Python if they want to develop Android applications using the Python language. Using the DelphiFMX, we can implement the whole Delphi in Python.  It also removes the barrier for Python developers to enter Android Development and they do not need to learn Java or Kotlin specifically to develop Android apps.

What You Need to Know About DelphiFMX For Python

Interestingly, DelphiFMX provides a huge set of GUI components to build any type of GUI application in Python. Each FMX component will be wrapped in Delphi and provided to the Python package. Best of all, the same code can be used to create a GUI application for all the major platforms. To make it an easy process to build, debug, and deploy the Android applications, we are being introduced to the Python FMX Builder app. Generally, as the title suggests, FMX Builder is an application that creates a suitable Python environment for Android devices. The app installs the DelphiFMX, then builds and launches the Android application for you.

To top it all off, you can even debug the GUI application on an Android device right from the FMX builder application. The video will also highlight another equally useful tool, the Delphi4Python Exporter or simply D4P Exporter. It is a tool that can be used to export the Delphi query applications UI or the design code to Python. Lucas and Priyatham will also provide a series of sample demos to show how these tools work. To know more about FMX App Builder and D4P Exporter, feel free to watch the video below.

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