Modernization plays an important role to improve system performance especially if your organization is running a legacy IT system. However, modernizing legacy codes is never an easy task. In this video from the recently concluded DelphiCon 2021, we will learn how this migration process can be done in a surprisingly easy and quick way. The video will share with us everything we need to know about a Legacy IT system and what really holds some organizations from modernizing their legacy IT systems. It will answer why some companies like IBM Cobol decided not to modernize their mainframes to the modern operating system and take advantage of modern windows application development.

What is The Delphi Parser?

In this video, Oren Aviram will share the things you should do in order to take control over your Delphi code from understanding how your IT system works and how it operates within the whole ecosystem to analyzing your code and assessing your modernization needs. Modernization of legacy Delphi code requires a profound strategy of analyzing mapping and replacing old code. While it is possible to be done manually, it could be a very hard and dirty task.

There are many tools that can help you analyze your code and automate the code conversion process but handling conversion of syntax within millions of lines of code requires an intelligent find and replace tool that knows Delphi syntax and can even link between objects through the code. This is where Delphi Parser comes into play. It’s a Delphi robot that can change the code and guarantee that it will not harm the legacy code in the process of rewriting the old code with no man-made bugs.

What does Delphi Parser do?

Delphi Parser provides you with total control over your code conversion. The automatic analysis and conversion process of this program reduces manual coding labor costs and speeds up time to market. It enables you to run a well-managed migration process and provides a highly efficient modernization with fast results and at an affordable price. This program comes with many useful tools for your modernization needs including the Automatic Migration Wizard, the Delphi Parser code Dependencies analyzer, and more.

To learn more about Delphi Parser, feel free to watch this video below.

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