Delphi is a powerful and versatile programming language that is capable of developing almost any type of application such as databases, multimedia, web applications, and games to name a few. Delphi’s low-code environment and easy-to-use visual design tools made it a top choice not just for Windows application development but also for other platforms. The recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022 taught us how versatile Delphi can be and what things we can possibly do using this powerful programming language.

How to Build a Minesweeper App using Delphi

In this video, Alister Christie from Leard Delphi TV and the author of “Codifique mais rápido em Delphi” will walk us through the process of building a Minesweeper clone application using Delphi. If there is one best thing to describe the classic Minesweeper video game, it is nothing more than being nostalgic. The game originates from the 1960s, and it has been written for many computing platforms in use today. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, it remains to be addictive and fun to play with.

Interestingly, this Minesweeper clone is not just compatible with a single platform but will also work on other operating systems. Thanks to Delphi’s low code environment, creating this cross-platform Minesweeper application is surprisingly fast and easy. Not to mention the shortcut tips provided by Alister that you can conveniently apply while coding. To learn more on how to build this simple yet functioning cross-platform game app, feel free to watch the video below.  

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