Explore How Python Can Enhance Delphi Desktop Applications

We have seen a great number of videos and webinars from the past and we have proven that Delphi and Python are two powerful programming languages that work well and blend well together. Both Delphi and Python are mature languages that have been around for quite a long time. Delphi, for instance, was introduced in 1995 and was based on the Object Pascal language that has been around since the 70s while Python was launched in 1989. Both aforementioned languages are object-oriented and both are available in multi-platform.

While there are many similarities, these languages differ in terms of many factors including verbosity, typing, and memory management and how the two languages are compiled. Delphi is compiled using machine code while Python is compiled using bytecode. Each also has notable strengths. Delphi, for instance, supports Rapid Application Development while Python is notably good for prototyping.

How to Combine the Strengths of Python and Delphi

In this video from the recently concluded PyGAC 2023, Kiriakos Vlahos will walk us through the benefits of combining the two programming languages best referred to as synergy. Since previous sessions already focused on the use of Delphi GUI frameworks in Python code, this session will explore ways in which Python can enhance or improve Windows application development in Delphi. The video will teach us how to gain access to Python libraries from your Delphi application.

To make this synergy possible, we will need Python4Delphi, a third-party library that comes with many components that give you access to the Python API. This library gives you high-level access to Python objects using Delphi Custom variants. It also allows you to use Delphi objects inside Python using low- and high-level approaches. It also allows you to create extension modules with Delphi classes and functions.

The video will also highlight various P4D components such as the PythonEngine which serves as the key component that allows integration between Delphi and Python; PythonModule which allows you to create Python modules in Delphi using Python code; PyDelphiWrapper which allows you to expose Delphi classes and objects to Python; and Varpyth that provides you with high-level access to Python objects from inside your Delphi code.

Kiriakos will also share demonstrations on how this fascinating synergy between the two powerful programming languages works. The video also concludes with a Q&A session joined by Ian Barker and Kiriakos Vlahos.  

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