We’re back to another video from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022. We already learned about the basics and foundation of Delphi and we were already introduced to some of the common components and their respective roles in Windows program development in Delphi. This time, we will have a deeper insight into some of the commonly used Selection components in Delphi. Georgina Ramsamy will enlighten us about the three Selection components that you can use in Delphi including the List Box, the Combo box, and the Radio Groups. She will also provide us with samples and demonstrate how exactly these components work.

How to work with List Box, Combo Box, and Radio Groups?

Generally, List Box, Combo Box, and Radio Groups are just a few of the components offered and available in the RAD Studio. Interestingly, these aforementioned components have a similar core feature and that is to allow users to have options to be selected. Despite the similarities, the List box, combo box, and radio groups are executed and displayed in different manners. These selection components will not just enhance the visual presentation of the options in an application but also allows automatic validation. Here, only valid selection can be made, thus preventing users from inputting an invalid value which often leads to error.

The video will also highlight the common properties that you can change in components including the name, caption, text, and item properties to name a few. It will also discuss other properties and their respective functions (including Clear, Count, Add, Delete, and Insert). We will also be briefly introduced to properties that allow you to work with text files such as LoadfromFile which populates a list box from a text file and SavetoFile which saves the options from the list box to a new text file. In addition to that, Georgina will also demonstrate how these components are added to the Delphi application and how exactly they work. To learn more, feel free to watch the video below.  

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