Today, we recap another interesting session from the recently concluded Coding Boot Camp 2022. In the previous videos, we have learned everything about the Delphi IDE e how to properly declare variables and effectively use them for Mathematics. In this session hosted by Lilane Le Grange, we will learn everything about IF statements as well as the operators that are commonly used in the IF statement conditions. These IF statements are one of the most fundamental parts of nearly all Windows application development or indeed any type of code. It’s hard to imagine writing a computer program without conditional statements like “IF” to allow the program to know whether or not it should execute a block of code based on the data input by the users or indeed any decision in the logic of the app.

What are the If statements you can use in Delphi and the Operators to use in their conditions?

In this video, Lilane will discuss all the different If statements that you can use in Delphi along with demonstrations showcasing how this statement works as well as their coding structure. The session will provide a series of samples featuring different conditions. Generally, IF statements are used to let the program know if a block of code should be executed or not. It can be applied in multiple conditions. Here, we will learn how a simple If Statement works and how the program behaves depending on the given condition. Based on the data inputted by the end-user, the program will decide if it will execute the code if the statement is true or false.

We will also learn more about the if-else statement, nested if-statement, and case statements scenarios. In addition to that, we will also learn the use of various operators and how they can affect the program’s behavior. Aside from integers, string variables can also be used in IF statement, especially for apps that require users to input user names and case-sensitive passwords. We can also use the statements as a form of validation to determine if the user enters the correct data or not.

To learn more about the basics of using the IF statement and operators in Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.

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