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Coding Bootcamp 2023

Hello developers! Welcome to our coding bootcamp where we have brought together the very best we can find on today’s hot topics in software development and design.

This year we have a dynamic and comprehensive selection covering the rich expanse of programming from launching you on the path for creating mobile apps to learning about generative AI, Python, and Amazon AWS as a full-stack developer.

We are covering a whole treasure-trove of knowledge, from session tracks for beginners to more advanced sessions for software developers who want to add some pizzaz to their coding kung fu.

This is the ultimate free boot camp for anyone who wants to learn to program. Our instructors are computer science educators and other developer experts from around the world, you can be confident that you’re getting the absolute best learning experience possible.

The boot camp is livre and runs from Monday, August 14th to Friday, August 18th. Each day starting at 10 AM US CDT (3pm UTC) and will run to 4 PM US CDT (10pm UTC) (subject to change).

The sessions are broken into one hour blocks, allowing you to choose the sessions based on interest and also to make it easier to revisit topics you missed or want to review. Sessions are also broken into tracks so you can locate and attend the sessions which align with your interests. All sessions include an interactive Q&A session, so join live for maximum learning potential!

Topics include Games JavaScript Web Python SQL Databases iOS MacOS Android Mobile Linux Windows Desktop Server and Arduino
Topics include: AI, Cloud, Python, SQL, Databases, iOS, MacOS, Android, Mobile, Linux, Windows, Desktop, Server, Web.

What sessions may be available at the Coding Bootcamp?

Sessions will be spread out amount different topic areas or “tracks”. Here are the tracks which may be available during the free bootcamp. Stay turned for a full list of sessions.

  • Mobile – “Mobile Maestro Series”
    • Exploration of cutting-edge mobile frameworks, diving deep into native and hybrid app development, and leveraging mobile-specific APIs and services for enriched user experiences.
  • AI – “AI Pioneer Pathway”
    • Unraveling the intricacies of machine learning algorithms, neural network architectures, natural language processing techniques, and practical applications of AI in diverse sectors.
  • Database – “Data Whisperer Track”
    • Delving into relational and non-relational database systems, strategies for efficient data retrieval, understanding database security protocols, and optimizing performance for scalable applications.
  • UI – “Interface Architect Series”
    • Examining the principles of modern user interface design, the importance of user-centric design frameworks, utilization of interactive design tools, and the science behind effective user experience strategies.
  • Cloud – “Cloud Commander Course”
    • Deep dives into popular cloud platforms, understanding the paradigm of serverless computing, orchestration with containerized solutions, and implementing robust cloud security measures.
  • Learn The Basics – “Coding Kickstart”
    • Introduction to foundational programming concepts, diving into essential web technologies, understanding the flow of algorithms, and getting acquainted with version control systems and best coding practices.
  • Productivity – “Performance Powerup Path”
    • Embracing efficient coding techniques, mastering tools that accelerate development, strategies for effective time management during projects, and fostering collaboration in tech environments.

Each track has been carefully designed to immerse you in specialized areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Databases of every kind, everywhere, Mobile app development, IoT, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, User Interface design, Cloud technologies, Using your existing skills for creating full-strength web apps, and a whole host of productivity enhancements.

We’ve taken time to make our free bootcamp an easy, useful, and entertaining launchpad.


Monday, August 14th
Why work hard? How to be a lazy coder and still create beautiful apps and a stack of money – Ian Barker
Share Your Delphi Knowledge – Alister Christie
OAuth 2: authenticate web, mobile and desktop apps safely from a single server – Wagner Landgraf
InterBase Driver for Python – Priyatham
Introduction to XML Mapper – Roger Swann
Let’s create a space computer (again) – Ian Barker
Tuesday, August 15th
Using Background-Threads to Keep Your UI Responsive – Olaf Monien
How to create powerful dynamic web apps the easy way (with TMS WEB Core) – Holger Flick
Getting Started with Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi – Richard Hatheral
CodeDroidAI: AI Code Generation For Delphi – Eli M.
How secure is your app? The easy way to find security holes and hidden backdoors – Ian Barker
InterBase Developers Guide to Getting Started – Stephen Ball
Wednesday, August 16th
How to make your apps look like a million dollars – Ray Konopka
Fast Report+IWSession – George De Luca
Auth made easy with Amazon Cognito and Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi – Richard Hatheral
How to create a mobile app from a Figma design – Glenn Duffke
Component Building Fundamentals – Ray Konopka
Building apps for Raspberry Pi from Delphi – Bruno Fierens
Thursday, August 17th
Mastering XML – the most robust data exchange format in the world – Miguel Angel Moreno
Mobile Apps Development with Delphi FireMonkey (FMX) – Softacom
Client server made easy with the Socket Messaging library – Patrick Prémartin
Delphi and OpenAI – a blessing or a curse? – Marco Geuze
NexusDB 20 years and still the best DBMS Choice for Delphi and C++Builder Programmers – Geoff Harris
Stable Diffusion: Open Source Cross-Platform Desktop Client – Eli M.
Friday, August 18th
How to use design patterns and unit tests to create quality systems – Cesar Romero
Extending existing platforms into the Cloud with Appercept AWS SDK for Delphi – Richard Hatherall
Mobile Apps Development with Delphi FireMonkey (FMX) – Maxim Pasukhin
How to create a responsive design in a FireMonkey application – Patrick Prémartin
Project Phoenix: Turbo-charging P4D for Business Applications via integration of NexusDB into P4D – Geoff Harris
Everything you need to know about databases (but was afraid to ask) – Ziad Allaghi
The EASY no-code way to work with databases – Ian Barker

All content is appropriate for teenagers 13 and up, adults learning to program, or experienced developers who want to broaden their knowledge into more domains. There is something fun for everyone.

Instructors are computer science educators and other developer experts from around the world — all focused on helping you learn to program and bringing everyone the absolute best learning experience.

The boot camp uses Delphi as the foundation, providing the fundamentals and the core concepts. This gives learners a quick start toward success while also connecting them to all the interesting goals and objectives.

Gain the skills you need and want to reach new heights in software development with our 2023 Coding Bootcamp.

By popular demand, we are also working on providing multilingual subtitles, making the learning accessible in other languages too. Lessons include projects to make learning fun. Check back for the schedule and more information as we get closer to the boot camp. In the meantime, be sure you download and install Delphi so you are ready to get started.

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Ready to start learning to program today?

It can be a fun and rewarding experience, as well as a valuable skill to have in today’s economy. We hope the coding bootcamp will help you on your journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. And be sure to check back often, as we continue to add sessions up until the event. Ready to start learning today?

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