A music player is surely a beautiful and handy program that a developer can create. However, the ease of creating or developing one will vary depending on your level of experience, the platform you’re targeting, the specific features you want to include, and many other factors. Choosing the right ide software is also equally important when developing a music player application.

In this video from the recently concluded Python GUI Apps Con 2023 (PyGAC 2023), Priyatham will show us how this seemingly complex program can actually develop quickly and easily using the right programming language, libraries, and components. For this session, Priyatham will use both Python and Delphi to create a fully functional music player. The goal is to create and design the music player using the RAD Studio and export it to Python using the Delphi4Python Exporter. It will also highlight the use of some Python Styles to make the app more visually appealing.

How to Create a Music Player App Using Delphi FMX GUI Package

DelphiFMX is powered by the Python4Delphi library. It gives developers the ability to take the powerful and mature GUI frameworks of Delphi’s FireMonkey framework and use them in a Python coding environment. It is interesting to note that it has excellent off-the-shelf support for playing media players either audio or video. This media player component is already included or wrapped and available in the Python GUI package.

To get started, there are some prerequisite components and libraries that must be present. This requires the Audio and Video codec pack and a couple of Python packages including the DelphiFX. In the video, Priyatham will walk us through the process of developing the music player app from scratch. From building the app using the RAD Studio’s form designer and exporting it via the PyScripter. To make the music player more visually appealing, the video will also demonstrate the use of Python Styles.

To learn more on how to create your own music player using DelphiFMX in Python, feel free to watch the video below.  

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