Learning how to code is a rewarding but sometimes frustrating experience. The path to becoming an expert developer where you gain confidence in your ability to carry out multiple platform app development can be a long one. Luckily our wonderful community of expert developers are often willing to show others their favorite tips and tricks to help smooth your way to the top.

One of those mentors is TMS Software Tech Evangelist and Embarcadero MVP Holger Flick. Holger is a treasure trove of good development knowledge and he’s already written several popular books covering topics such as cross platform database applications, mapping, and a full course on web development using RAD Studio with Delphi and the TMS WEB Core component framework.

Learn How To Code With This MVP Live Stream Hand on With Delphi

What’s new in the world of cross-platform development?

Holger has always made very compelling YouTube and webinar presentations but now he’s going one step further and will be broadcasting live streams on his YouTube channel. Viewers will get the chance to interact with Holger as he codes, and you can also ask questions while he’s live too.

How do I subscribe to the MVP Live Stream?

Learn How To Code With This MVP Live Stream How It Works With Holger

Gehe zu Holger’s YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button – it couldn’t be easier.

What is the MVP Live Stream like?

For an idea of what to expect here’s a recent video from the live stream.

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