How to Use NTFY to Send and Receive Push Notifications in Delphi

Push Notification is an important element in program development and is beneficial for both developers and end-users. In this video from the recently concluded Delphicon 2023, we will learn everything about the advantages of push notification and how NTFY, a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service can become an excellent alternative to Firebase in Delphi. Samuel Rosa de Oliveira will discuss the things we should know about NTFY, how it works, how to subscribe and publish with NTFY for Delphi, and more.

Everything You Should Know About NTFY for Delphi

NTFY generally stands for “Notify”, a free pub/sub notification service based on HTTP.  Created by Phillipp Heckel, it allows you to send push notifications outside a device from any computer or cellphone. Ntfy for Delphi, on the other hand, is a client library written in Pascal to interact with NTFY servers in Delphi. Likewise, it allows you to send and receive push notifications through servers.

While FCM or FireBase Cloud Messaging is a very common alternative for Delphi developers to work with notifications, NTFY has notable advantages by offering generous limited consumption capacity and is 100% free. In this video, Samuel will walk us through important details including the current HTTP communication mechanisms, the structure of NTFY, and how exactly this open-source notification service works.

We will also dive into publishers, subscribers, topics, and subscription mechanisms. Samuel will also show a series of demonstrations on how to install NTFY for Delphi into your Delphi project using the RAD Studio IDE Software. We will also learn how to Subscribe and publish topics with NTFY for Delphi. The video concludes with a Question-and-Answer session with Samuel Oliveira, Dion Mai, und Jim McKeeth. If you want to learn more about NTFY for Delphi, feel free to watch the video below.  

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