We’ve already learned from the previous webinars the great advantage of combining two different programming languages in one ide software. Some languages might be good at data processing while some are writing algorithms that are very easy to understand or read. It is important to note that you are not limited to one language, and you can always mix and match languages based on your purpose. The use of C++-Builder, for instance, allows you to extend the reach of Delphi. It combines the Visual Component Library and IDE written in Object Pascal with multiple C++ compilers.

How to create and use 3D Objects in C++ Builder

The video below will take us back to Embarcadero’s Code Rage 2018. Here, Yilmaz Yörü will guide us through the process of creating and using 3D objects in C++ Builder for Windows. Generally, in modern application development, 3D objects are often generated using 3D Designer software. Interestingly, you can also generate and animate 3D objects using the C++ Builder in Delphi. To make it possible, we need to use the Viewport3D component to display basic 3D objects.

This also requires the use of TMesh classes in Viewport3D. TMesh is a custom 3D shape that can be customized by drawing 3D shapes. In this video, Yilmaz will demonstrate the process and will provide examples of how to create and use these 3D objects in C++ Builder. The interesting part about this project is that C++Builder includes tools that allow drag-and-drop visual development. This allows you to generate and use 3D objects surprisingly easy and fast.

To learn more on how to create 3D objects in C++ Builder, feel free to watch the webinar below.   

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