What do you think you can do in Delphi in less than 8 minutes? Delphi is indeed a powerful programming language and is considered the ultimate ide software for building applications in modern object pascal with powerful visual design tools and integrated toolchains. While it is known for providing high-performance applications, Delphi is also known for its low-code environment. This allows users to build applications with fewer codes and in a less complex manner. In this video, Alister Christie will demonstrate how surprisingly quickly and easy to develop a functioning database application in Delphi in less than 8 minutes.

How to build a working database application in Delphi using FireDAC and VCL

FireDAC is a powerful Universal Data Access library that can be used for Windows applications and other platforms. Compared to other database access components, FireDAC is a relatively easier-to-use access layer that supports, abstracts, and simplifies data access, providing all the features needed to build real-world high-load applications. In this demonstration, Alister builds a database with a master-detail relationship (Customers and Orders), a lookup field, and a form for adding new customers.

What makes this even more impressive is that aside from building the database app for only 8 minutes, it only takes six lines of code to make this app work. You will start by creating a VCL application. Select the FireDAC SQLite Database from the Data Explorer and pick the SQLite Demo to get started. Simply drag and drop the Customers and Orders Tables onto the application which will then create queries and connections to the database automatically.

Alister will walk you through the process of adding data sources, adding grids to display the queries, setting up the Master-detail relationship, and more without working with too many complex codes. Feel free to watch the video below which is also part of the recently launched “Welcome to Delphi” series to learn more.

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