The recently concluded 5-day Coding Boot Camp 2022 was indeed a success. The free boot camp officially started last Monday (August 22) and aimed to teach all aspiring developers everything they should know about Delphi from the very basic to the most advanced feature. The first day of the boot camp provided focus on the foundation and fundamentals of Delphi. For its very first session, Hannie Van Der Merwe will give us a comprehensive yet beginner-friendly guide to the Delphi IDE and show us why Delphi has become a top platform for Windows application development.

Introduction to the Delphi IDE

Delphi is undeniably a powerful programming language that gives you the ability to produce a high-performance application on multiple platforms. While Delphi is known for its advanced application development capabilities, it is also best known for its low-code environment. This allows users to create applications with less coding effort. In this session, Hannie will introduce us to the Delphi Integrated Development Environment, its interface, and the basic process of creating and saving your very first Delphi project.

The session will walk us through Delphi’s default interface, the basic parts of the IDE, and their respective functions. It will introduce us to the Form Structure that displays all the objects and components in the project, the Object Inspector that displays all the properties and attributes of a specific object, the Project Manager that showcases the code part of the project, and the Tool Palette that allows you to add new object and component.

How to create and save projects in Delphi?

We will also be guided about the process of creating and saving a project in Delphi and we will look at all the files that Delphi automatically creates when saving a project and their respective functions. The session also demonstrates the quick process of making an event handler by adding components like a button, label, and image straight from the local gallery. It also shows how developers can take advantage of Delphi’s drag-and-drop feature, autocomplete function, and quick coding error detection to save time in development and ensure that your program is running smoothly.

To learn more about the Delphi IDE, feel free to watch the video below.

Download a free trial of the latest version of Delphi and follow along with Hannie!

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