Skia4Delphi is indeed a revolutionary tool that offers tons of possibilities. This third-party library can be used effectively in Delphi to transform the GUI of your VCL apps into something more visually appealing. It comes with many useful components that can be applied beautifully for any Windows application development. Aside from desktop applications, Skia4Delphi can also be used to turbocharge your FireMonkey FMX cross platform apps that allow you to provide a comprehensive 2D API to all other platforms including Android and more.

What else can Skia4Delphi do for mobile applications?

Based on the recently concluded Skia4Delphi Webinar, we have learned the things that Ski4Delphi can do and all its potential to supercharge your apps’ user interfaces. This free-to-access library provides major components/controls like TSkLottieAnimation, TSkPaintBox, and TSkSvg that all work like a charm. The previous webinar showed us some cool demos showcasing Skia4Delphi’s huge potential. These include the use of Skia Shaders that can level up your interface with its beautiful 3D animations, an interactive Breakout-inspired game, a Star-trek-inspired data dashboard demo, and a great number of mobile demos.

In this short video that was taken from the recently concluded Skia4Delphi webinar, Jim McKeeth will show us some demos of using Skia4Delphi in some mobile applications. These include a beautifully rendered Splash Screen animation, a feature that allows you to sign a document using the TskPaintbox control, and a feature that allows users to generate PDF documents and a QR Code. To learn more about these Skia demos and to see what exactly this amazing library is capable of, feel free to watch the video below.

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