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Why You Should Know About Test-Driven Development On Windows

Development is hard! Well, I should really say that good development, getting things to work properly, efficiently and reliably, is hard. Even the best developers make mistakes and introduce bugs or unexpected behavior. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying out that software development on Windows with powerful IDE software which catches a lot of the mistakes before they reach your…

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O que você precisa saber sobre testes, TDD, qualidade, métricas de origem e cobertura de código

A few months ago, TCoffee and Code managed to highlight everything about the Test-Driven Development. The webinar featured Stephen Ball and Jens Fudge as they discussed the importance of Test-driven development in programming, especially in Delphi.  We also get to know more about Unit testing and all its notable advantages in windows program development. Interestingly, in this new TCoffee and…

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